What is it?

The free website BaBaDum is used to learn and practice vocabulary words. Using 5 different types of games, the student can learn vocabulary in 21 languages. At the moment there are more than 1500 words in the database.

Example of use

The gameplay is very simple. You can choose from five types of games:

1. You see 4 pictures and a caption and a voice and you choose the correct picture.
2. You see 4 pictures and hear a word. Your task is to choose it based on hearing and not the written word.
3. you see a picture and under it 4 different written words- you choose the correct word.
4. you see a picture of 1 and underneath scattered by letters word. Your task is to put the words together.
5. there is also a variable mode. The computer randomly selects the previous 4 tasks in different order so as to surprise you.

UDL Principles

UDL Engagement

Optimises access to learning aids

UDL Representation

Enables different actions

UDL Action Expression

Offers variable activities to stimulate interest in learning




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