What is it?

Genially is a we-based tool with which you can create animated infographics, interactive presentations and even escape games. We can use this tool to present content to our students in a fun and motivational way. Or offer it to your students as a visual aid during their oral presentations.

In our school we use this app not only for teaching contents but also for children to use ir in their classes as assembly, projects, curricular orientated games.

Example of use

The teacher creates a week planning with all the subjets and the activities they are going to do that week / You can make a quizz with all the natural science vocabulary that you have teached that week.

UDL Principles

UDL Engagement

You can recruit their interest through motivating pictures, music, games and different educational tools.

UDL Representation

It can be displayed in multiple ways, so it can be accesible for mot of the children as we can use visual and auditory alternatives, and we can apply it in different learning contexts.

UDL Action Expression

Children can use this app to express themselves, to present their work to their partners helping to develop their executive functions such us plannification, managing information, speech organization, etc.




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