What is it?

This app alowes us to create online quizzes and tests in order to make different questions in a dynamic and atractive way getting the results of each participants inmediately through a code system.

Example of use

We can test our pupils and see what they have learned about an english lesson with very simple questions with a,b,c,d answers.

UDL Principles

UDL Engagement

Children will be motivated to participate and to show what they have learned. Interaction and gamification.

UDL Representation

We can use it to evaluate previous knowledge to part from a right level of all the class. Use as well different ways to present it, with visual or auditory alternatives. Children with motor dissabilities only need to press a button to answer the questions, blind children can be helped by others or use it with voice.

UDL Action Expression

Pupils can create their own tests to evaluate their classmates after a presentation or if they want to study the contents of an examen previously with the class…




Spanish Tutorial

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